Improving Mobile Surveys Using Gamification

  • June 27, 2016

Improving Mobile Surveys Using Gamification

The majority of survey respondents complete online surveys on a mobile device. If your online survey is not mobile-friendly, you stand to lose a lot of potential respondents from survey abandonment. Improving mobile surveys to create a more engaging and frustration-free user experience on mobile devices is an important step in optimizing online surveys for mobile.

Improving mobile surveys: Making online surveys mobile-friendly

For an online survey to be mobile-friendly, it needs to provide a clean, frustration free user experience. This means it must be responsive (adapts to the size and orientation of the user’s screen) and work with all device types (tablets, smartphones, and computers). Survey length is a key consideration in mobile friendliness–not just in the overall survey length, but the length of individual questions. Here are a few tips to keep your online surveys mobile-friendly:

  1. Keep choices to a minimum. With too many options, it becomes necessary to scroll the window to see all of them. This makes it more difficult and time-consuming to complete, giving respondents ample opportunity and reason to abandon your survey. You need to make it as easy as possible to keep them interested and engaged.
  2. Try to keep the overall length of the survey to less than 10 minutes. One of the key advantages of the mobile device is that people always have them with them and use it to fill idle time. Your surveys are more likely to be completed if they can be completed while waiting in line or during commercial breaks.
  3. Be careful about using too much technology. It has to work and display properly! Chances are, if your survey doesn’t work on the device they are using when they first open it, they will not come back to it later on another device. Be sure to test your online survey on a variety of mobile devices (consider different operating systems, browsers, and screen sizes). Not everybody has the latest smartphones with all the bells and whistles. Make sure that your survey is compatible with and supported on all mobile devices up to four years old.

Improving mobile surveys: Optimizing online surveys for mobile

An online survey that is optimized for mobile devices was designed intentionally with the mobile platform in mind. Mobile-optimized surveys provide a better user experience on mobile devices.

  1. Take advantage of the unique input methods available using mobile device touch screens. Borrow user interface designs from other mobile apps and make use of standard input modes such as taps and swipes. These familiar motions make the mobile survey experience intuitive and easy.
  2. Design visuals with the smaller mobile screen in mind. Use clear images that automatically scale for screen sizes and are compatible in mobile browsers. Ensure that fonts and text are large enough that they are legible even on the smallest mobile screens as a result.
  3. Use simple, uncluttered layouts that are functional. It should not require horizontal scrolling to see or select all of the responses. This means no big matrix grid questions, which consequently cause nightmare navigation and input problems on mobile devices.

Improving mobile surveys: Using gamification

Gamification can level up an optimized mobile survey to an enhanced gamified mobile survey. A gamified survey provides a clean, attractive interface that is more interesting and engaging. Respondents are motivated to continue, boosting completion rates.

Datagame is an easy way to introduce gamification to your online surveys. All Datagames, such as the MaxDiff Rankifier and Prefer! Preference Test, are optimized for mobile, with intuitive input methods and engaging visuals that are optimized for display on mobile devices. The technology behind Datagame is device-agnostic and works equally well on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices.