Better choice modeling research with gamification

Better choice modeling research with gamification

Most consumers are probably unaware of the amount of research that goes into the products they use. Marketing analysts gather a great deal of information, and collaborate with designers and developers to specifically tailor a product to their target audience. One process for determining the best options for developing your brand and product is called choice modeling.

Some of the factors marketers target with choice modeling research include the pricing, inclusion of different features or benefits, aesthetics, packaging, or other configuration options. A reliable technique for obtaining this kind of information is to survey your target audience’s response to these factors.

The challenge with traditional surveys

Many marketers choose to gather consumer feedback by using traditional question and response surveys. These surveys, however, are generally tedious and ward off people who are not interested in spending time filling out forms. Participants are likely to become distracted or rush through the survey without providing thoughtful answers.

A better solution for survey research is to use choice modeling gamification — the application of gaming concepts to research gathering methods, creating surveys that are attractive and enjoyable, typically through the use of interactive games or game-like experiences.

Since people who play a gamified research survey are twice as happy as those who complete a standard survey, their responses are more attentive (and more accurate). People are more likely to take the time to respond honestly and give better feedback if they enjoy the activity.

Using the results of your research

Gamification of choice modeling research will help your business determine what elements of your product are successful, how to meet the demands of consumers that competitors are failing to meet, and how to focus the appearance and allure of your brand’s image.

Increase your ROI with choice modeling gamification

Using gamified surveys for research can help your business increase its capital. Investing in choice modeling research yields an ROI of at least ten times your investment amount. So, choice modeling gamification not only generates more useful results, but it helps you save money as well.

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