Survey Chaining: Connecting Datagames to other survey flows through redirect chaining

  • 02/06/16

Connect Datagames with ANY survey platform using redirect chaining.

Survey Chaining: Connecting Datagames to other survey flows through redirect chaining

Datagame natively supports Qualtrics and Confirmit, but there are several other survey platforms out there that are not currently supported by Datagame and don’t support JavaScript. What’s a research designer to do?

Survey Chaining Using Redirect Links

Datagame can create a seamless transition from Datagame to any survey platform through survey chaining–using the redirect link at the end of a configured Datagame to funnel participants into a survey in a non-supported platform. Since you can use any URL to redirect at the end of a game, you can easily use survey chaining to send them straight from your Datagame into a survey programmed in SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Ask Your Target Market (AYTM), or any other survey platform.

For an example, play this sample Datagame. At the completion of the game, it will automatically redirect to the URL of a hosted survey from AYTM. It transitions seamlessly into the survey platform, leading to a smooth experience for users.

How to Set Up Survey Chaining

To chain your Datagame into a survey published using any survey platform:

  1. Create and configure your Datagame. Don’t have an account? Sign up for a Free account.
  2. Once your Datagame is configured and tested and you are ready to publish, go to the Publish Game page for your configured Datagame (click the Publish button for your configured Datagame on the Projects page).
  3. Select Hosted from the list of publishing channels on the left. The Publish Game page shows the URL that you can use to share your Datagame (use this link to distribute it to your mailing lists and social media circles on Facebook, Twitter, or other channels–even direct traffic to your configured Datagame through a Google AdWords campaign).
  4. In the text box, enter the URL for the survey that you want to redirect to at the completion of the Datagame and click Save. When the Datagame is completed, it automatically sends the user to the specified URL. You can find this URL in your survey platform, typically on a “Deploy” or “Distribute” page.

Alternatively, you can redirect from the end of your survey to a hosted Datagame. If your survey platform allows for branching, this could even be used to redirect users to different configured Datagames based on answers or random branching in the survey flow. Use the Datagame URL from the Hosted Publish Game page as the redirect link at the end of your survey.

This survey chaining makes it possible to use Datagame with any survey platform. Take advantage of this to chain configured Datagames with your surveys to increase overall satisfaction and engagement in your surveys.