Datagame update 1.3.1 announcement

Datagame update 1.3.1 announcement

Datagame recently released a new update for its do-it-yourself insights gamification platform, Datagame. The new release addresses some minor issues and introduces some new features for Datagame users.

New features introduced with Datagame update v1.3.1 include:

Variable passthrough in hosted games. You can now send variables in to a hosted Datagame using URL parameters and have those appended to the end-of-game redirect link. This makes it easier to connect your Datagame data with data from other sources, as you can send in a unique identifier, such as a respondent ID, and have it sent back out in the redirect link.

Social sharing for Prefer! You can now display a results page at the end of a Prefer game.  The results page shows how the player ranked the attributes, and allows them to easily share their results on social media. This makes Prefer! a great option for user engagement, with the possibility of creating viral content.

turn it to 11Turn it up to 11. The rating scale range for the Prefer! feedback question can now go all the way up to 11! This allows you to use a Net Promoter or similar question as your feedback question.

Disable the tutorial in Word Search Meta. The Word Search Meta game has a brief animated tutorial that is displayed at the start of the game. You now have the option to turn this off.

Search projects by name. Were you accumulating too many games in your account? (We were!) The Current Projects page now has a search box that allows you to filter your projects list by the project name. The Current Projects list will only display projects that contain the specified text in their project description.

Try out the new features in the Datagame update!

Sign in to your Datagame account and check out the new features. New to Datagame? Sign up for a free account and check out everything Datagame has to offer.

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