Make a Printable Word Search!

Free Word Search Creator (and Other Stuff)

Here at Datagame, we love free stuff. Especially fun free stuff. So when we noticed a big chunk of web traffic was coming to our site looking for a way to make printable word search puzzles, we thought: “Why not put together a free word search creator?”

After all, our Word Search Meta game is really good at creating word search puzzles. It was originally built for use in market research and online surveys (and we still encourage you to do that), but if you’d like to make a puzzle for your classroom or birthday party or whatever other crazy thing you’re doing with word search puzzles, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Type in the words you’d like to hide in your word search puzzle (one per line, please). The tool will ignore anything that’s not a letter, such as spaces or punctuation.
  2. Specify what size you want for your puzzle.
  3. Select how “difficult” you would like to make your puzzle.
  4. Click the “Gimme my puzzle!” button.
  5. Enjoy your free word search puzzle!

Word Search Creator

Word Search Meta screenshot