How to get your online survey noticed

How to get your online survey noticed

Improving Your Survey Recruiting

Conducting consumer research or gauging customer satisfaction can be challenging, as surveys for these kinds of measurements are easily overlooked or disregarded. How can surveys be designed and delivered to optimize returns and results? The following are several excellent techniques for increasing survey exposure and response rates.

Carefully craft the subject line and headline

The subject line or headline is the first thing potential participants will see, and if it isn’t crafted correctly, it will be the only thing they see. Headlines have to be brief and to the point, but they also have to be punchy and persuasive. Use compelling language. Make it personal, using words like “you” and “yours.” Speak to the user directly and purposefully when crafting the headline. Even though researchers have known about the importance of a strong headline for years, it’s still often forgotten or neglected.

Offer something for their time & effort

What’s in it for those who respond? Will they get the opportunity to express their love of something, or their outrage over some error? Could they win a trip to Cancun or $2 off their favorite pasta sauce? Give them some reason why taking the time to complete this survey can benefit them. It doesn’t have to be much, as long as it’s something of meaning and value to your participants.

Offering no incentive is the fastest, most effective way to tell customers that their time is worth less to you than it is to the seven other companies that did offer an incentive. Not using an incentive also skews your data to only the people that love you or hate you.

Express the urgency of their participation

Everyone’s time is limited, so it’s crucial to impress on respondents that this survey is urgent. It can’t wait until after lunch! It might not be here when you finish this month’s budget! Use words like “important” and “urgent” to convey the need for their immediate participation.

Turn the experience into a game

One surefire way to grab attention is to make it a game. Gamification is the process of turning tasks that aren’t a game (like work, learning, or exercise) into a game or game-like activity. Gamified surveys aren’t just more likely to get noticed, these surveys are also more likely to be completed because games are more enjoyable than clicking options such as Never, Sometimes, Most of the Time, or Always.

Keep it brief and to the point

Another way to lure respondents is to promise the survey will be quick and easy. When faced with a 35-minute online survey or a 5-minute survey, far more participants will be willing to complete the shorter one. Make sure every question is necessary, and remove any redundancies. Ask only the questions that are essential for solid consumer research or to evaluate customer satisfaction.

Place the survey where the right consumers will find it

Email is a popular way to target your customers, and a good way to target the leads you’ve generated using other marketing tactics as well. Email surveys can be an excellent way to assure that the survey is delivered only to a specific group of respondents who meet your criteria. Just don’t limit yourself if you need a better cross-section of the population. Make sure that you place your survey where your target audience is most likely to find it. Do some research to determine where your audience likes to spend time online and identify the best placement for your survey.

Research games are a great option for your survey recruiting landing pages. Ready to create your own research game? Sign up now to get started!