Introducing Prefer!, the Preference Testing Game

Introducing Prefer!, the Preference Testing Game

In late April, we quietly released Datagame v1.3, the first content update for the platform of 2016. Version 1.3 introduced many small features that have been requested by users over the past several months, as well as a new game type: Prefer!

Prefer! – a Preference Testing Game

Prefer! is a simplified version of our MaxDiff game, designed for situations where you’re looking for ranked-order preference but don’t want or need the “weight” of a MaxDiff game (which can take several minutes to complete). Where MaxDiff uses choice modeling algorithms to build preference lists for large numbers of attributes, Prefer! works best for smaller groups: typically six items or fewer. Prefer! offers three different algorithms, depending on how you would like to deploy it:

  • 2 Pick N, where every possible combination of attributes is compared head-to-head. This method works best for small sets (3 or 4 items).
  • Optimized, which uses an adaptive algorithm to only compare the minimum number of sets necessary to build a fully ranked output. The optimized algorithm is loosely inspired by the mergesort algorithm.
  • All Up, which displays all of your attributes at the same time and only asks the user to pick their favorite. This is very similar to a “single select” question type, common in most surveys.

Additionally, a rating scale can be displayed for each of the attributes, which results in both ranked-order data and explicit rating scale feedback. This combination is a great way of replacing a rating grid / single-select question combination into a single experience.

Feature Enhancements

In addition to the new Prefer! game, there are a number of minor improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

  • For Qualtrics users, we now automatically save the Qualtrics respondent ID in your datagame data (visible via the Excel export report).
  • We’ve cut the file size by about 50% (i.e. it now takes half as much time to load your datagame).
  • Publishing to Confirmit instructions have been added.
  • We’ve added the ability to change additional background artwork in some games.
  • Bug fixes galore!

We’ve also updated our website, so feel free to browse around or check out some demo applications of the new Prefer! game.