Introducing the world’s first research gamification platform

Introducing the world’s first research gamification platform

Datagame, the Research Gamification Platform

Insights Meta is proud to announce the arrival of Datagame, a global solution for research gamification. Datagame pioneers a new method of collecting consumer feedback: turning surveys into games. These “datagames” can be easily embedded into sites and survey platforms, and have the ability to run independent of any survey software at all.

Why gamified surveys are better

The MaxDiff Rankifier™ is a solitaire-based survey card game that lets the user rank and prioritize features, issues, products, and brands or anything else you need to force-rank. Word Search Meta™ is Datagame’s second survey game that allows users to answer questions with choices in a word search puzzle. This datagame also lets you collect rating scale feedback, for situations such as awareness testing, purchase intent, brand affinity, or customer satisfaction.
Survey gamification satisfaction chartGamified surveys are effective at obtaining the information you need while delighting survey participants. Our research shows a significant improvement in user satisfaction when using game-based techniques, and even makes the survey experience seem shorter. When people enjoy an activity, they are more likely to focus and respond more honestly — which leads to better feedback.

Find out why gamification works

Check out what makes Datagame the right choice for developing online research. Free trials of gamified surveys are available on our website as well as demos for you to experience what it’s like to play a datagame. The catalog of games in this research gamification platform continues to grow.

Are you curious to know more about how gamified surveys are changing research for the better? Datagame is at the forefront of research gamification. Contact us online to learn more about what gamification can offer you!