Make Surveys Great Again!

Make Surveys Great Again!

Surveys have lost their way. They have failed to keep up with emerging technologies and changing consumer attitudes. Many surveys are too long and too boring. Increasing incentives can lead to survey fraud and other abuses that impact data quality. But surveys are still a valuable tool, and we believe that we can #MakeSurveysGreatAgain.

At IIeX NA 2016 in Atlanta, we will be giving a talk about gamifying a survey in 10 minutes. In this brief presentation, we will demonstrate how easy it is to gamify a survey using our DIY gamification tools at Datagame to #MakeSurveysGreatAgain.


Gamification. It is the process of applying gaming principles and mechanics in non-gaming applications to create a more interactive, engaging, and entertaining experience for end users. In short, it makes things more fun and less tedious. Respondents that are enjoying themselves are more engaged with the process and providing more thoughtful answers. That sounds great, right?

Yeah, but how do you make a survey fun?

Easy peasy! For starters, identify where your surveys are not fun–repetitive questions and confusing grids lead to poor satisfaction. Making these elements more interactive and mixing up activities to keep things fresh can help to improve overall enjoyment of your surveys.

But, how can I make MY surveys more fun?

With Datagame! Come to our talk at Insight Innovation eXchange North America in AtlantaJune 13-15. We will be presenting at 9:20 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, June 14, on how to #MakeSurveysGreatAgain, and will show step-by-step how to take a traditional survey and introduce gaming elements to make it more engaging and achieve better results and higher completion rates.

Oh, and don’t be late–you won’t want to miss the introduction! #MakeSurveysGreatAgain

P.S. While you are waiting, why not take Datagame for a test run? Sign up for a Free account.