Performance management gamification

Performance management gamification

Gamification is a growing trend that is utilized throughout the workplace. Even the dreaded annual performance review is getting pushed aside in favor of gamified performance measurement to increase employee engagement. Gamification techniques enable companies to motivate and train employees and give employees real-time feedback on job performance.

Why gamify performance measurement?

Gamification of performance management can increase job satisfaction and productivity, leading to lower employee turnover rates. This performance management gamification ensures employees are aware of their expectations and can track their performance. It allows employers to gain better metrics of what matters most to them and to incentivize desired behaviors in meaningful ways that actually motivate employees. In addition, the annual year-end review process can take massive amounts of time without adding much value. By switching to a year-round, real time, gamified performance management system, those costs can be minimized and feedback can provide value to your employees and your business.

There are several advantages to adding gamification to your performance management system:

  • It is future-focused, designed to drive and improve future performance. While traditional annual reviews are retrospective and look at what the employee has done, gamified performance management is more interestedd in where they employ is now and how they can progress to the next level. By incentivizing the desired behaviors, gamification encourages and motivates employees to improve their performance and rewards them for doing the things that bring the most value to the business.
  • It gives employees real-time feedback on their performance. Employees are aware of their expectations and can see how they are progressing towards meeting their goals at any time. Games are excellent feedback loops–they respond to user actions and provide feedback on the current state. The feedback supplies employees with the information they need to determine what they should do next to continue progressing.
  • It gives fair and objective feedback. Since games are rules-based, gamification naturally removes subjectivity from performance measurements.

Performance management gamification examples

Gamification is already being use for performance management in a number of creative ways. Here are a few examples of how gamification is changing performance management.

nGUVU offers a gamification platform for call centers. Employers determine their key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to measure them. Each call center agent gets a custom workflow, with individualized goals and objectives. This allows each agent to have success tailored to their level of experience and their personal career goals. Leaderboards and team-based goals create friendly competition and organic social communities, which improve employee satisfaction. Real-time feedback lets employees see how they are progressing towards their individual and team goals. This creates a motivated workforce where each individual is engaged in their personal development and knows what they need to do to improve.

IActionable is a performance management gamification platform for any work environment. It utilizes real-time feedback and data visualization to present employees with a personal dashboard of their current performance. It puts goals front and center and enables employees to monitor how their actions are helping (or hurting) their progress towards their goals.

GamEffective is a gamification platform for sales, customer service, and employee training. It provides a narrative framework to communicate objectives and provide visual feedback that enables employees to track their performance and modify their behaviors.

Datagame for Gamification

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