Publishing a Datagame in Confirmit

Publishing a Datagame in Confirmit

Confirmit Gamification with Datagame

Datagame for Confirmit logo

In response to user feedback, Datagame has added Confirmit as a natively supported survey platform for Datagame. This means that you can embed a Datagame inside of the survey flow in Confirmit by inserting a JavaScript snippet.

Publishing a configured Datagame inside of a Confirmit survey is easy! Once you have created, configured, and tested your Datagame, you can publish it in a Confirmit survey by following these six easy steps:

  • In Datagame:
    1. Go to the Publish Game page for your configured Datagame (click the Publish button for your configured Datagame on the Projects page).
    2. Select Confirmit from the list of publishing channels on the left.
    3. Copy the JavaScript code snippet from the Publish Game page in Datagame.
  • In Confirmit:
    1. Create an empty Open Text question within the survey flow at the point where you want them to play the Datagame. This question will be used to store the Datagame player ID (used for matching game data with survey data) and will automatically be hidden by the Datagame.
    2. Click the JavaScript tab in the Survey Designer to open the JavaScript editor. If no JavaScript tab is visible, clicking the button in the editor toolbar will display the JavaScript editor.
    3. Paste the JavaScript code snippet in to the JavaScript editor for the Open Text question in Confirmit.

When the Confirmit survey is run and it gets to the Open Text question, the Datagame is loaded and displayed inside the Confirmit survey. When the Datagame is completed, it proceeds to the next page in the Confirmit survey and continues the survey flow.

Datagame now has native support for two of the most popular survey platforms in Qualtrics and Confirmit (check the knowledge base for instructions on publishing to Qualtrics). What survey tool would you like to see Datagame support next?

By the way, even if Datagame doesn’t have native support for your survey platform, they can still work together. You can integrate Datagame with any survey platform using redirect chaining.