Gamification in The Real Estate Industry

  • 26/08/16

Gamification in The Real Estate Industry

With the rising popularity of gaming integration into business and education, the world is seeing many creative uses of gamification arise. One industry that’s using an existing game to their benefit is the real estate industry. Realty companies can integrate the immensely popular Pokemon Go game into their platforms to help them achieve some objectives. Pokemon Go enthusiasts who are looking to buy property care about a property’s proximity to gyms and PokeStops. Whether it’s by integrating mini games into their websites or by mentioning gaming in property listings, realty companies can take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze in many ways. Some Realtors even go so far as to include Pokemon characters in their property advertisements.

Real Estate Gamification And Augmented Reality

Although Pokemon Go can benefit the realty industry, the augmented reality technology behind the game may have even better implications than the game itself. This technology can put the user in a virtual environment that simulates the real world, and the user can gain information about potential properties. It also benefits the industry in that it helps out with planning new constructions. With GPS and other features, professionals can determine whether or not a new construction is feasible in a certain location. They can draw a plan outline, use graphics, and help investors and lenders visualize the product before it’s built.

With game elements or features similar to those in Pokemon Go, prospective buyers can virtually visit properties. They can virtually walk through the floor plan directly from their smart phone, making the property-touring process easier for potential buyers who aren’t local. Additionally, they can step inside nearby amenities and tour the streets with potential future gamification technology similar to that of Pokemon Go.

To take the virtual reality experience a step further, potential buyers can even meet each other with gamification technology. Different avatars can interact in a virtual residential property community through messaging features, meaning future residents can know their neighbors long before moving in. Interior designers and other professionals can help future residents visualize what their properties would look like with certain furniture and aesthetics. The possibilities are wide when gamification technology and the real estate industry merge.

Gamification And Energy Efficiency of Properties

Although using gamification to benefit potential buyers is an obvious purpose for it in real estate, gamification also has less-obvious benefits for the realty industry. For instance, real estate gamification may help improve the energy efficiency of multi-tenant buildings by motivating residents to achieve energy-saving goals. Game mechanics that engage occupants can bring about long-term, meaningful behavioral change when it comes to energy usage. In turn, occupants benefit from saving money on their energy bills.

Oftentimes, building owners try to bring about energy-efficient behaviors by means of posters, green guides, and newsletters, but these methods usually have minimal impact. Some case studies show that gamification is likely to have a much stronger result. The Sustainable Pursuit program at Google includes aspects of the board game Trivial Pursuit to encourage energy efficiency at global campuses. Teams around the globe compete against each other for points by implementing sustainability initiatives. The Green Tomorrow initiative at AMP Capital also encourages energy-efficient behaviors with gamification. Across seven stories of a headquarters building, teams compete in a “floor wars” competition to see which floor can save the most energy and recycle the most over a period of four months. The Green Tomorrow initiative resulted in a 15% energy usage reduction.

With fun and interactive games, building owners and their tenants can align their goals and work toward a certain outcome. This is important because buildings in cities contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions, and guilt and shame-based energy-saving strategies haven’t proved very fruitful.

Realty Careers And Gamification

Finally, real estate gamification can help future and current Realtors develop their realty careers. Real Estate Game Works is a realty gamification company that allows potential Realtors the opportunity to decide if real estate is right for them. Their simulation game gives potential Realtors a feeling for the daily tasks of a Realtor, including negotiating between property owners, buyers, banks, and mortgage companies.

Additionally, current Realtors can stay on top of their continuing education with gamification simulations. Continuing education credits are mandatory for Realtors, but the traditional way of obtaining them many Realtors find unappealing and boring. The chief executive officer of Real Estate Game Works believes that a simulation game that involves a virtual story will help Realtors retain new information better than multiple choice tests do. While Realtors might quickly forget information from a dry lecture, they’re more likely to remember an engaging story.

Realtors can view their progression through a course with the games offered by Real Estate Game Works. To stay motivated, they can also compete against their peers on a leaderboard. The games are convenient as well, allowing Realtors to play on tablets and mobile devices. They’re self-paced games that Realtors can complete little-by-little in their spare time.

Datagame for Gamification

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