Live event engagement with Datagame

  • 29/07/16

Live event engagement with Datagame

Live events provide a great opportunity for collecting insightful data and engaging with customers (or potential customers). It’s important to take advantage of those opportunities. Datagame, the DIY insights gamification platform, can also be used as a great tool for live event engagement.

Benefits of Datagame for live event engagement

Running a Datagame at live events has some advantages. It takes on a dual quantitative and qualitative role, as you are able to talk with the participant before, during, and after the game. In the meantime, the Datagame is collecting rank order and rating scale data through participation in the game. It adds an interactive element that can attract visitors. Incentives can be customized and personalized. Since each participant is live, you can give your own rewards and even personalize rewards based on what you learn about them during the game. This makes the rewards more meaningful to the participant and better aligned with your marketing goals.

Here are some examples of using a Datagame at a live event:

  • Taste test. Whether it is beer, wine, chocolate, or other food or beverage item, a taste test is a great way to get people interested. Most people love trying new products and giving their feedback. And using a Datagame is a great way to get people engaged and talking. Use a Prefer! preference game and have them taste the samples that are displayed on the face up cards. After they taste both samples, they choose which they like best.
  • Film festivals. Many film festivals have a “People’s Choice” or “Fan Favorite” award. Datagame would be a great way to collect preference ranking and rating data from fans. Set up multiple kiosks outside of the screening area to collect data from filmgoers.
  • Event marketing. Use a Datagame to attract people to your booth. Passive displays and demonstrations do not engage visitors like a Datagame in which they are actively involved. Keep them busy with a Datagame while you give your elevator pitch.
  • Customer feedback. Use Datagame to get live customer satisfaction feedback from customers at the point of contact.

Using Datagame for live event engagement

How can Datagame be used uniquely to create an interactive experience at live events? You can use the hosted URL and its redirect link in some creative ways to make Datagame a great tool for live events:

  • Kiosk mode. While you can’t redirect back to the same URL, you can use a URL shortener like Bitly. Shorten your hosted game URL and use that as your redirect link. Now, when somebody finishes the game, it automatically resets the game for the next player.
  • Lead capture. Use the end of game re-direct link to send them to a lead capture landing page. They are more likely to sign up for your mailing list after participating in an engaging activity.
  • QR codes. Use a QR code generator to create a QR code from your hosted Datagame URL. You can place the QR code on any printed materials such as signs or receipts, allowing respondents to quickly access your game on their mobile device by scanning the QR code.

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