Would you like some free tools?

  • 23/05/16

Would you like some free tools?

Gamification is a creative process. Unfortunately, creativity is an unpredictable process that often leaves us with fragments of code or design ideas that didn’t make it into production.

We’re a frugal bunch at Datagame, though, and hate wasting hard-earned code. So we’ve established a holding pen for these little tools and widgets that we’re calling “Free Tools.” These snippets do something productive or interesting (or fun!), but aren’t grand enough to include in the Datagame product.

Printable Word Searches

Our first tool/toy is a handy word search puzzle creator. While we were developing the Word Search Meta research game, we had lots of fun creating strange word search puzzles to send to each other. This was very fast and easy to do when Word Search Meta was in a simpler, less complete state; today, however, you need to configure all of its research options before being able to publish the game.

Sometimes, you just want a word search puzzle to distract the kids in the airplane.

So we’ve peeled apart Word Search Meta a bit to offer up this free word search puzzle creator. It’s not playable online and there’s no way to save any data, but it’s in a great printable layout.

MaxDiff Excel Template

Our second free gift is for the true do-it-yourself types that want to build and configure their own MaxDiff survey questions, but don’t have access to a Datagame account or other commercial MaxDiff software. (You do remember that there’s a free Datagame plan, right?) If you would prefer to build your own traditional MaxDiff survey pages, you’ll need a way of generating the configurations for each of your pages. This simple tool does just that: it takes the broad parameters of your MaxDiff study and generates balanced models. (You’ll still have to analyze your data on your own, though.)

Datagame for WordPress

Our third donation makes it extremely fast and easy to publish your Datagame into a WordPress site. The Datagame for WordPress plugin adds a new [datagame] shortcode, which can insert your game directly within a page or post. You can even have the game hidden and trigger it as a popup in response to a page event, such as a button click, using a JavaScript hook.

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