Prefer! for Fast Ranking

Prefer! is perfect for ranking or comparing small sets. It combines rank order data with rating scale feedback in a fast, fluid experience. Use Prefer! for common tasks such as preference sorting, category preferences, and other item scoring scenarios.

Sample Applications

Set of logos for logo testing

Speedy Logo Testing

Load up four or five logos into a Prefer! game, and watch the data roll in. Players can complete a testing round in less than a minute.

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Floating speech bubbles

Ranked Sentiment

Why use an obnoxious rating grid table when you can use Prefer! Collect rating scale feedback on each of your features, concepts, or other items and see how they rank against each other.

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Icons of groups of people

Issue & Candidate Polling

When measuring public opinion, it’s no longer adequate to ask how a person will vote: you need why, and how strong their vote preference really is. Prefer! minigames achieve both while improving response rates and maintaining data quality.

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Old fashioned joystick controller

Surveys as Entertainment

Sometimes, gathering insights is a secondary objective. Embedding a Prefer! game as part of a website or digital media campaign drive sticky traffic…and also happens to generate insights about your audience.

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Configurable Features

Thousands of different game configurations are available.
Upload your own unique artwork.

Attribute Count
Maximum number of items that can be added to the preference test.
All-Up Algorithm
Presents all attributes simultaneously (single select).
2 Pick N Algorithm
Presents all combinations of attributes, selected two at a time.
Optimized Algorithm
Uses an optimized sort algorithm to minimize comparisons necessary to determine the rank order of all attributes.
Rating Scale
Optional use of a configurable rating scale, presented to the user for each of the tested cards.
3-to-10 point3-to-10 point3-to-10 point3-to-10 point
Custom Card Backs
Select custom artwork for the card backs, or upload your own.
Custom Card Fronts
Select custom artwork for the card fronts, or upload your own.
Custom Table Art
Select custom artwork for the game table, or upload your own.
Datagame Logo
Suppress the Datagame logo.