Let’s be honest… surveys aren’t fun. They’re repetitive, unengaging, and often boring.

By applying gamification and game-like elements, Datagame has been proven to reduce survey fatigue and improve respondent satisfaction.

Datagame-enhanced surveys have been proven to increase response rates by 10-20%.

Make your surveys engaging

Datagame activities integrate directly into your traditional survey flow in popular platforms such as Qualtrics, Alchemer, Forsta, and others…or can be played on their own as a dedicated microsurvey experience

Embeddable Games for Every Situation

Some of our clients

Success Stories

Strategic design decisions for gamified diabetes prevention app WellQuest.

Evaluating medical information and gamification for a pharmaceutical giant


Gamified surveys for game changing data

Dreaming of reducing survey fatigue, improving respondent satisfaction and increasing response rates? Read our study to find out how gamified surveys can help you make your dreams come true.

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