Marketing Insights and Survey Gamification

Datagame makes online research and content engaging by replacing burdensome surveys and quizzes with fast, easy games


Configure and publish a Datagame in 10 minutes or less


Explore a wide range of Datagame applications


Datagame players are more satisfied and more likely to complete their experience

How does Datagame work?

Marketers and researchers use the Datagame platform to enhance their existing surveys, online communities, websites, and social media with survey gamification

Datagame: An introduction to marketing insights and survey gamification

Benefits of Survey Gamification with Datagame

Better response rates


Improve response rates by 15%
(or more!)

Mobile Friendly


Optimized for all screens:
phone, tablet, desktop

Happier Respondents


Improve top-box survey satisfaction by as much as 35%

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