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Rankifier replaces dozens of survey pages with one interactive experience.

MaxDiff is a well-established technique for measuring the relative rank, importance, or other dimension for large groups of items. From measuring the preference of brands to name and message testing, Rankifier’s MaxDiff-based approach improves survey response rates while collecting more authentic feedback.

Sample Applications

Set of logos for logo testing

Logo Testing, Made Easy

Load your logo designs into a Rankifier game and watch how easy it can be to identify your winners and losers.

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Reporting sample snapshot

Prioritize Your Features

Knowing which features are most important to your customers or target audience isn’t always easy, especially with complex products and large feature lists. Rankifier helps you and your customers efficiently measure those priorities, in a mini-game that typically takes less than five minutes.

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Message testing abstract banner

Optimize Your Advertising

When developing advertising copy or other marketing messaging, MaxDiff techniques are very effective at identifying which candidates have the greatest resonance with your audience.

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Set of unique buttons

Concept Development

Exploring the potential for new products or services? Rankifier can quickly highlight your concepts with the greatest potential.

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Configurable Features

Thousands of different game configurations are available.
Upload your own unique artwork.

Card Count
Maximum number of cards/attributes that can be configured in a game.
Game Rounds
Configurable number of rounds the game will last. (More rounds = more precise data, but longer games)
21 to 51 to 81 to 8
Table Size
Number of cards compared against each other per round.
43 or 43 or 43 or 4
Shuffler: Random
The random shuffler uses a fully random card shuffle (not balanced for statistical purposes).
Shuffler: Optimized
The optimized shuffler creates a unique deck for each player, optimizing orthogonality between card comparisons.
Custom Card Backs
Select custom artwork for the card backs, or upload your own.
Custom Card Fronts
Select custom artwork for the card fronts, or upload your own.
Custom Table Art
Select custom artwork for the game table, or upload your own.
Datagame Logo
Suppress the Datagame logo.