Full length surveys reimagined as storybooks:
choose-your-own-path narratives with embedded games

What is WordForm?

Online surveys reimagined as interactive novels, with choose-your-own-path branching and embedded games.

When distilled to their essence, an online survey is essentially an interactive novel: a series of pages with varying content, where the reader’s decisions (question responses) determines the next piece of content. WordForm literally recreates the choose-your-own-path reading experience, allowing players to jump from page to page based on the decisions they make.

WordForm is a premium Datagame module that requires a collaborative design and development process, where we transform your traditional survey into an interactive booklet. Other Datagame modules such as Swiper or Rankifier can be embedded within the WordForm experience, creating robust multi-game narratives where the next game you play depends on your choices in prior games.

Gameplay Mechanics

WordForm experiences are visually presented as interactive novels, intermingling static content with both simple and complex decision-making scenarios.

The mobile-responsive layout engine automatically arranges content and sizing to make optimal use of available screen space 

Content Types

Each page in a WordForm is like a page in a booklet, and can contain different frames of content:

  • Images: Static images
  • Videos: Embed a video (looping or not) as part of a page’s content
  • Datagame: Embed a full Datagame module from the entire set of potential games
  • Fill-in-the-blank: Provide text fragments with blanks to be completed by the user including single select, multi-select, and open-ended text

Branching Logic

Just as in a traditional survey or a choose-your-own-path story, each page on a WordForm can direct the user to a different page depending on the choices they’ve made. For example:

  • Branch logic control to different sections of the WordForm booklet based on profiling questions in a fill-in-the-blank section
  • Redirect or skip questions based on the most preferred responses from a Rankifier or QuickRank exercise
  • Combine qualifying criteria from across multiple questions and games to display scores and rewards

Visual Formatting

WordForm games are custom-configured by Datagame to your specifications. Add branding, change color and font palettes, tweak the “book pages” analogy into a “film strip” motif — whatever makes the most sense for your project.