Research Gamification, Simplified

The Datagame platform provides a growing catalog of rapidly configurable modules, each designed to capture player feedback in novel and frictionless ways.

Projects move fast, and you don’t have the luxury of waiting for custom software to be developed to support a research initiative. That’s why the Datagame platform provides rapidly configurable modules that embody specific types of data collection challenges and makes it fast and easy to publish those gamified experiences directly into traditional survey tools or on other digital properties such as online community portals.

Datagame makes it simple to keep thinking like a researcher, but boost your engagement and data quality through rapid application of gamification principles.

Rankifier: Gamified MaxDiff

Rankifier is the original Datagame module, developed specifically to address dropoff challenges and data quality erosion during MaxDiff data collection. With support for up to 6 images or text stimuli per comparison set and an adaptive “shuffling” algorithm, Rankifier takes away the modeling and programming tedium for most MaxDiff studies. Read More

QuickRank: Sorting and Scoring

The QuickRank module combines forced ranked order data collection with a configurable rating scale question, condensing two questions into one while making the entire experience more intuitive and less time-consuming. QuickRank dynamically presents pairs of cards from a list of items to be compared, adjusting the gameplay based on player responses to minimize repetition. Read More

Swiper: Rapid-Fire Feedback

Is this a survey, or a dating app? Swiper presents player-respondents with a rapid series of cards to evaluate with a yes/no, love/hate, aware/unaware, A vs. B question prompt. Swipe right to respond one way, swipe left to respond the other way. It’s fast, easy, and both a great data collection tool and a study icebreaker exercise. Read More

Wordopolis: Word Search, Redefined

Everyone remembers the classic word search puzzle, where a related group of words are hidden in a block of random letters scattered in every direction. Wordopolis recreates this fun and casual experience and integrates question prompts after each discovered word, creating an opportunity to ask about each item as the user plays. Read More

WordForm: Fill-in-the-blank booklets

The WordForm engine offers a more robust, fully integrated combination of basic question types and embedded Datagame modules to create a start-to-finish gamified experience. WordForm is a premium Datagame module, customized by Datagame engineers for your specific use case.  Read More