The Datagame Process: How Datagame Works

Creating your own Datagame is just as easy as playing one.

Diagram explaining how Datagame works

Custom games without the burdens of custom software development.

Datagame provides a growing library of customizable research games, eliminating the risks and costs of custom game development. Where gamification projects used to take weeks or months to implement, a customized Datagame can be ready in less than 10 minutes.

Familiar Web Workflows

Each Datagame can be uniquely configured via a web-based configuration wizard: no programming skills are required. Setting up a new Datagame takes about the same amount of time and effort as configuring a survey question or two in your survey application of choice.

Automating Advanced Methodologies

Datagame takes survey research techniques such as MaxDiff and ranked-order preference testing and automates the math. Our advanced algorithms automatically create statistically reliable models and provide intuitive data visualizations for interpreting the results. (You can, of course, export the data.)

Broad Applications

The growing library of Datagame modules have been used in a variety of marketing and insights contexts, including:

  • Feature prioritization
  • Customer satisfaction tracking studies
  • Message platform testing
  • Awareness tracking
  • New product development research
  • Name and logo testing
  • Online research community activities

Need a Custom Gamification Solution?

Sometimes, a marketing or insights scenario is too specific to build as a mass-customized game.

Whether you’ve got that great idea and need specialized support to bring it to life, or have a general theme and are looking for someone to bring inspiration, we’re here for you. We can fire up the keyboards and make something really unique and special for you. Custom projects can range from 4 weeks (for lightly modified versions of existing games) to 6 months (for complex, brand-new game types).

Contact us to discuss your marketing and insights gamification needs.