Word Search Meta: Puzzles that Inform.

The old-fashioned Word Search puzzle is instantly familiar. Word Search Meta takes this fun challenge one step further, by collecting feedback about each of the items hidden inside the puzzle. Use Word Search for Surveys to measure brand affinity, customer satisfaction, purchase intent, awareness, and many other insightful topics.

Sample Applications

Set of logos for logo testing

Search-Based Awareness Testing

Combine explicit feedback about a person’s familiarity with a product or brand with implicit feedback, as measured by how quickly its name can be found in a word search puzzle.

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Reporting sample snapshot

Which Brands do you Like?

Don’t just throw together a word salad of brands and products in a tedious rating grid table. Configure them into a Word Search Meta puzzle, and measure their preference while maintaining higher levels of engagement with your users.

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Message testing abstract banner

Which Do You Buy?

When you’re looking for a clean measurement of the products or services a person buys (and doesn’t buy), Word Search Meta can capture a simple yes/no data point for all of the items hidden in your puzzle.

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Set of unique buttons

Personas and Segmentation

The words you hide in your puzzle don’t have to exactly match the prompts displayed to the player. Provide more detailed probes for each of your words and collect quality attitudinal and psychographic profiling data.

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Identify Important Issues

Use a Word Search for surveys to ‘hide’ issues, concerns, features, or other categories and identify the ones of greatest interest or importance.

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Configurable Features

Thousands of different game configurations are available.
Upload your own unique artwork.

Word Count
Maximum number of words that can be configured in a game.
Puzzle Size
Largest board size that can be used (also determines the maximum word length).
12 x 1220 x 2020 x 2020 x 20
Game Duration
Configurable maximum length of the game.
5 minutesconfigurableconfigurableconfigurable
Enable or disable the availability of hints for the hidden words.
Word Rating Scale
Players rate each hidden word on a user-configured scale.
5-point scale2-to-112-to-112-to-11