About Datagame

Datagame is a self-service online survey gamification platform that enables brands and researchers to replace complex surveys with simple and engaging games.

The Datagame Story

Back in 2012, our founder was tasked with implementing one of the longest, most tedious and boring surveys ever unleashed on the survey-taking world. The kind of survey that nobody ever finishes. He began looking for a better way.

After several years of experimentation, research, software development and caffeine, the initial version of Datagame was released in July 2015 with the goal of bringing the benefits of gamification to the survey landscape without requiring researchers to become game designers.

Today, the Datagame platform has expanded to become the research industry’s most robust and technology-independent gamification solution. We don’t care if you’re using Qualtrics, Confirmit, SurveyMonkey, or custom PHP scripts. We just care about making surveys better.


What We Do

Datagame develops and supports a self-service, “DIY” survey gamification platform. Various subscription options are available, depending on your needs.


Custom Gamification Development

If your gamification needs and desires go beyond the standard features included in the Datagame platform, we encourage you to contact us via the form below. Depending on your needs, we can customize one of our existing survey games or develop new game types and functionality.

Questions? Curious? Contact Datagame with the below form and we’ll get right back to you.

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    Datagame is a service of Biocentric.

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