Customization consultants: Devising the right game for every client

Jun 24, 2021 | Gamification, Survey Design

Jason Anderson, Datagame Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Every research study is different. From the sectors and topics being researched, to the demographics of participants and the style of questions asked, there are thousands of variables that impact the style of survey researchers use. With so many factors to take into consideration, customized research is important to generate good quality data.

At Datagame, we know that the best quality data is generated when respondents are engaged with the survey they’re taking.  We also know that gamified research is a great way to guarantee these high levels of interest. Our recent research-on-research white paper   demonstrates how using games in a typical survey delivers better data and more engaged respondents. We conducted two A-B studies to compare the results obtained from a traditional MaxDiff survey to the results obtained from Datagame’s MaxDiff Rankifier game and found that gamified surveys meant respondents were consistently engaged and the data quality was consequently better.

When running long studies with high friction components, or repetitive attitudinal surveys, gamification helps researchers maintain respondents’ attention, ensuring a higher number of completes – so having the additional benefit of saving money in the long run. Gamified surveys lower respondent fatigue and help to maximize the amount of quantitative information you can collect per participant. This is particularly important for expensive, hard to find participants with niche or senior job titles.

However, even within gamified research, a one size fits all approach won’t cut the mustard to optimize data quality. Within gamified research there are plenty of choices to be made that impact the way participants engage with the process. Factors such as the style of game we deliver (card game, board game, dice game etc), the game’s storyline and opportunities for interaction between participants, are determined by each specific research project’s needs.  

Customization requires problem solving skills and creativity, so we begin every project by finding out your data collection problems, the goals of your research and your audience, so we can ensure every challenge is overcome and every constraint is met. However, customization doesn’t always require the reinvention of the wheel. We are always looking for opportunities to apply either the existing technologies that we have or looking for new ways to optimize the research experience. Researchers don’t have the luxury of long deadlines or bottomless resources, so when timelines or budgets are tight there are ways to tweak existing formulas for games so that your needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. Whether we’re looking at reskinning a game or building it from scratch our consultants will advise on the best possible solution for your requirements.

Alongside listening to the researcher, our approach to survey gamification is totally focused on the experience of the research participant. Maintaining respondent engagement is at the heart of what we do and is central to the decisions we make to ensure the data we collect is robust. As gamification experts, we’re aware that we’re competing for respondents’ time, so we’re constantly putting ourselves in their shoes, asking whether the topic is interesting and if the process is easy to partake in. The slightest bit of friction can turn respondents away, so the process needs to be seamless to prolong their interest. Focusing on their needs means we can we generate the data to meet yours.

Off the peg gamified surveys are a step in the right direction for achieving better data, but customization is essential to unlocking next level quality. Researchers conduct surveys to hear people’s opinions and bespoke gamified solutions ensure that every participant has a maximized opportunity to be heard.  Whether your research is quantitative or qualitative, interactive, or focused on the individual, our expert consultants are committed to delivering a winning experience for participants and robust data that researchers can champion.

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