Publishing Channels

Datagame offers a variety of methods for distributing your game.

Whether you’re integrating your game into an online survey or distributing links via email campaigns, Datagame offers a wide range of integrated channels. Use Datagame for traditional research, social media research, or digital engagement campaigns. Embed Datagame into blog posts and web pages.

bidirectional gamification for Qualtrics

Publish to Qualtrics

Each Datagame can be integrated directly into your Qualtrics survey, allowing rich enhancement for traditional online surveys. Merge your game data with your survey data after your study is complete, or even pull game results directly into your survey flow (requires corporate subscription).

Datagame is a member of the Qualtrics Innovation Exchange.

Datagame to Confirmit icons

Publish to Confirmit

Confirmit users can also publish Datagame modules into their online surveys with a simple Javascript embedded code snippet. Confirmit’s support for advanced scripting and Javascript integration enables dynamic survey behavior based on Datagame results.

Datagame to WordPress icons

Publish to WordPress

It’s fast and easy to embed a Datagame onto your WordPress blog or site. With the Datagame WordPress Plugin, simply use a new shortcode wherever you’d like to insert your game. Or take advantage of the dynamic popup mode, allowing you to reveal your Datagame in response to other page events such as button clicks.

Datagame URL link icon

Hosted by Datagame

Just want to distribute your game via a hosted link? Every game has a unique URL you can send out via email, social media, QR code, or whatever other medium you dream up. We’ll redirect your players to another URL of your choice when they finish playing.

JavaScript code snippet

Javascript Embed

For web developers looking for a more customized integration, each game can be embedded as a simple Javascript code snippet. Customize placement, game size, and game start/stop behaviors any way you like.

Publishing Features Comparison

Publishing and Integration OptionsFREECONTENTSURVEYSPREMIUM
Publish to URL
Datagames can be hosted on our site as a stand-alone page.
JavaScript Embed
Insert your Datagame onto any webpage with a JavaScript snippet.
Publish to Qualtrics
Embed a Datagame directly within a Qualtrics survey flow.
Publish to SurveyGizmo
Embed a Datagame directly within a Qualtrics survey flow.
Publish to Confirmit
Embed a Datagame directly within a Confirmit survey flow.
Publish to WordPress
Embed a Datagame in a WordPress page or post.
Endgame Redirect
Redirect traffic to an external URL when a game is completed.
Custom Triggers
Execute your own JavaScript triggers pre- and post-game.